LSA America is the new U.S.-based manufacturer of one of the earliest and most popular Light-Sport aircraft, Allegro. The modestly priced and pleasant flying Czech design is now Made-in-the-USA, in North Carolina.

The Light-Sport Aircraft sector is still well within its first decade. Even so, a few brands have already taken up leadership positions. In the exclusive Top 20 club is Allegro. The third-ever Special Light-Sport Aircraft to win its FAA Airworthiness Certificate, Allegro took off quickly and still maintains a high rank among some 120 models of SLSA. By itself, this is an accomplishment to suggest you ought to consider Allegro as your bird. Yet that’s only part of the story.

The original Czech Republic designer and producer of Allegro fell upon difficult times and for several years the brand was not supplied to the USA even while service for it continued without fail. Americans Doug and Betty Hempstead, who represented the aircraft from the beginning, came to the rescue and have now restarted production as a U.S.-built aircraft. This is no small accomplishment but the team preserved and even won a grant from their home state of North Carolina to help them offer good aviation jobs to Americans. Also running a flight school, they have logged more than 4,800 hours on one particular Allegro as of the end of 2012, proving both the staying power of the business as well as the capability of the aircraft to withstand the rigors of student training.

Featuring modest prices, Allegro won’t bust your budget to get airborne and yet it’s specifications are strong and satisfying. Allegro’s never exceed speed is 168 mph, generously beyond the maximum speed allowed for LSA (120 knots or 138 mph). Under normal power settings Allegro cruises easily at about 115 mph. Powered by the reliable 80- or 100-hp Rotax 912 engine, the aircraft climbs better than 1,000 fpm. When sightseeing through Allegro’s big windows, you can cut fuel use to less than 3 gph and still cruise around at 105 mph. Performance is enhanced by Allegro’s excellent glide ratio 12-to-1.

Now that you can “Buy American” and still get the best of European design, Allegro and LSA America invite you to have a closer look at this beautiful metal-winged, composite fuselage, two seater.


LSA America, Inc. (Allegro LSA)

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