Located in Littleton NC, our factory is presently located in a large facility formerly used for the construction of furniture. This being a small town  getting the community behind the Allegro project was the easy part. Allegro in still growing and will be breaking ground on a new ficelity at the Halifax-North Hampton Regional Airport (KIXA) in March of 2012. Expansion of our production team has and is continuing to be rapid. Production and delivery goals provide for 90 day order to delivery schedule.

A visit to LSA America inc.

LSA America is the one of the few manufacturers of certified LSAs made in the USA. What is even more exciting for our EAA Chapter 1114 based in Apex, NC is that they are located in Littleton, NC just one and a half hour drive from the Research Triangle area. As the owners of LSA America, Doug and Betty Hempstead are also the owners of my flight school, B-Bar-D Aviation located at Sanford/KTTA. I had the privilege of a private visit to their manufacturing plant which opened in May of 2011. Accompanying me were fellow chapter members Chuck Borsuk, Terry Gardner and Niels Nielsen.
The current facility is located in the former ” Littleton Industrial Building”, an 54,000 square feet facility with plenty of room to spare:

The plans are to establish permanent production operations at the Halifax-Northampton Regional Airport. LSA America will create 34 new jobs and invest $400,000 during the next three years. (Grown breaking will be in April 2012 for the new facility)
The State of North Carolina is helping LSA America through the “One NC Fund”, other partners that helped with this project include: the N.C. Department of Commerce, N.C. Community Colleges, the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC), the N.C. Rural Center, the Halifax County Economic Development Commission, Halifax County Business Horizons, Halifax County, the Town of Littleton, the Halifax-Northampton Regional Airport Authority and North Carolina’s Northeast Commission.

The Allegro LSA is available with either the 80 HP  Rotax 912UL  or the 100 HP Rotax 912ULS.
Optional Equipment: Floats, Skis, Banner and Glider Tow Kits

There are about 500 Allegros flying oversees (with 59 registered in the USA per the FAA registry as of February 2012), all but three have been manufactured in the Czech  Republic.

So far three Made in USA Allegro has been produced and delivered by LSA America. It is currently used by a flight school in Michigan, and two individual customers

Made in USA Allegro #2 close to completion:

Allegro has made a vast change in production. Inhouse we have a team who makes the components for the Allegro. Here is 4 Allegros in production, 7 cages for the Allegro, a working composite shop, a wings assembly group, and increasing stock for the Allegro production.

Aluminum parts are prepared for flaps, ailerons, T-tails, rudders and the main component of the of the wing.

On top of building components for the Allegro, we now have a capable group building most of the fasteners and parts for the Allegro.
We can now manufacture most of the parts. 7 Chromolly Steel Cages

Note about the Allegro’s wings: they are double-tapered which is unusual in LSAs.and explains, according to Doug, the superior performances of the Allegros.

Currently when a plane is ready it is trucked to the Halifax-Northampton Regional Airport for its flight tests. This step will not be necessary when the permanent production facility opens there in about a year.:

Doug Hempstead is explaining, part in hands, his strategy of switching parts manufacturing from outside contractors to in-house to better control quality and availability of components: